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Hi all,

I'm wanting to visually see how many references I have coded at certain nodes (like a chart or graph). I simply want to create a graph-like visual that shows the number of coded references (frequency, y-axis) I have at selected nodes (x-axis). The closest thing I can come up with in my Nvivo exploring is the hierarchy chart - this is exactly the data I want to see in a graph, but.. in a graph, not the box form that Nvivo provides by default. It seems bizarre that Nvivo has a feature dedicated to this type of analysis (the hierarchy charts), but no way to display the info in different ways (such as a bar graph). 

My next idea is to just manually take the reference frequencies from the nodes I'm interested in and put them in excel, where I can create my own bar chart. But why can't I do this in Nvivo? This just seems like it would be a basic function..



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Hello Jeniffer,

In Nvivo you can only create a chart for a single node.

However, if you would like to see reference frequencies for multiple nodes in your project, you can use matrix coding query which allows you to create both a matrix and a chart.

Using Nvivo sample project, let's say you would like to see all nodes under fishing industry decline in interviews considering all 14 interviews as a single data type.

To do this, create a node or set that includes all interview data. Then, create a matrix coding query as below:


Running this will produce below matrix which you can export as an excel file so that you can create your own bar chart:


You will also have an option to create a chart as below (please note that you can NOT display data values with 3rd charts):



Hope this helps,



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