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Find text coded in one node but not in other node

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Guest Fedenava

I would like to find text that I have coded in certain node (let's say, "language") but NOT in another code (let's say, "location"). How can I make a node query that incorporates the NOT option?

I was supposed to always code both nodes at the same time in each text fragment, but when I finished working it turned out "language" has 523 occurrences, whereas "location" has 521. I need to find which 2 pieces of text have mistakenly been coded only in one category only. I have already used the "coding stripes" tool to visualize it, but I didn't find the mistake.


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Hello Fedenava,

It is possible to locate what you would like to see.

You need to run a coding query with below setting :


Please make sure you have selected correct "Search in" criteria.

Once results are produced, click on the summary tab on the left and then click on number "2" that you will see. It will open the text and highlight the text portions that are coded with language but not with location.

Hope this helps,

With regards,

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