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Hi Nvivo team,

The NCaptures is not working properly. I am unable to retrieve tweets if I restrict the search to certain keywords. Please see the attached pictures:

The search query includes searching the keywords for BLM and blacklivesmatter, and NCaptures is not able to download the tweets. It returns "Authentication failed : Status code: 401"


I removed the keywords and now NCaptures is able to capture the tweets.


Could you please advise the above problem? 


Thanks, Tommy

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On 6/26/2020 at 11:32 PM, Tommy said:

Anyone here?

I don't think so! I asked a question about NCapture not working on Facebook a couple of weeks ago and have had no responses. 

I tried the QSR helpdesk and have had several random replies (after over a week) that go no way towards helping to solve the problem. It seems that the days when you could phone QSR and they would help there and then are well and truly gone. Very disappointed as NVivo is generally great. 

I hope you do manage to find a solution soon. 

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Hello Tommy and Helen,

Please note that data capture capacity on Capture extension is limited with Twitter's (or any other social media source's) data policy. Below you may find the details:

The amount of data captured as a dataset by NCapture is determined by Twitter; this is because NCapture relies on Twitter's API (web connection to Twitter) to collect the data. Twitter’s API generally only provides Tweets from last 7 days.  Depending upon how much data Twitter provides to NCapture, you may also sometimes see Tweets more than 7 days old getting captured. Please note older Tweets may not be captured, even if they are visible in your timeline due to Twitter API limitation.

Hope this helps,

With kind regards,


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Hi Tommy,

I have raised this issue with our development team for investigation. We were able to reproduce the same error you are seeing and it appears to be caused by the advanced search keyword options as some other options such as word OR word instead of (word OR word) did capture, however this will provide different results in the search.

One possible workaround you could try is to run and capture the search without keywords, import the capture into NVivo and then export as an Excel file. This file can then be filtered in Excel before reimporting into NVivo as a dataset.

Please note that while this has been raised with our dev team, at this stage I am unable to provide any confirmation on when this issue will be resolved.

I hope this helps, ^NVivoSup

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