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Options to share projects from the new NVivo to NVivo 12 for Mac

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Hello all. I just activated my student license valid only for the new version of NVivo (1.2), but I am cooperating with a supervisor whose institution only offers licenses for NVivo 12, and need to be able to share my work with her. I have the NVivo 1.2 for Windows and she has the NVivo 12 for Mac (with no possibility to upgrade). I understand that sharing projects from newer to older version is not possible, is that correct? 

Are there any options for us to get around it? For instance, could I somehow download and use NVivo 12 with my newer license? Alternatively, are there any other options for me to work in other NVivo or another program and then share the project with my supervisor who has NVivo 12? We don't necessarily need to merge the projects if that's not possible but she would need to be able to open the project I export. I would be grateful for a prompt response, thank you! 

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I have the same problem. I have installed the project converted and I tried using the copy project tool to convert from win to mac but the conversion keeps failing and giving error messages in the project conversion log. Please can someone reply.

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