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Clean vs. Full Verbatim Transcripts

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Hello everyone

I'm starting a new project for which I am using interviews recorded with Zoom. Zoom also creates a transcript (full verbatim), where filler phrases ("yeah", "so,...", "good", "right", etc.) are naturally included. Moreover, sentences in spoken language are often endless and not properly completed.

I am now in the process of manually cleaning up the transcripts that I have imported into NVivo 12. For this, I would like to know: is it better to maintain the full verbatim of the original interviews (as provided by the Zoom transcripts)? orĀ is there a significant advantage to put in the effort to produce a clean verbatim version (i.e. remove all filler words, etc.)?

I am new to NVivo, so I am presently not able to understand if this would have a significant impact on the functionality of NVivo features when it comes to things like autocoding or creating word clouds.

Is there some kind of "best practice" I can refer to for this question? Or does anyone have their own experience to share (pros and cons of the two approaches)?

Thanks in advance.

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