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Word frequency for individual responses

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I have survey responses where respondents were scored on their identification knowledge, they were then asked a series of open ended questions regarding their opinion on certain features. I am looking to find whether there are any trends between different scores and the specific words used to describe the features, for example do high scores use the word "colourful" more than low scorers. I have imported my data to Nvivo from Excel where each response is arranged in a row with the first column being their score. I have been able to use the word frequency tool to find words I'm interested for a total of all responses however I'm interested in getting a list of whether the word appears in each specific responses preferably arranged in a column that I can then transfer to Excel. I have roughly 600 responses so manually recording which response recorded a certain word is nonviable. 


Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated! 

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Hello ASD,

You can utilize "sets" and "matrix coding query"  to see relevant frequencies.

Let's assume you have 10 participants and 2,3,8, 10 are those who have high scores and the rest have lower scores.

You will create a "high scores" set via selecting 2,3,8, and 10 and a "low scores" set with 1,4,5,6,7, and 9.

After completing the coding for your research data, you should have a "colorful" code (and also other code you would like to see). 

Then you can create a matrix coding query via putting your sets on columns and your codes on rows. You will see coding references i.e frequency for codes you desire as a matrix table which you can export as an excel file.

Hope this helps,

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