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Lauren W.

Scoring on Nvivo for Mac 12

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Hi there, I'm conducting research on advertisements that involves manually coding visual elements of screenshots. Using these results, I would like to "score" each ad, so that each node has a particular point value. (For example, if there are LGBTQ folks in an advertisement, I would like to code for them and score the ad positively for that trait. If there is no diversity among the models in another, I would like to score it negatively for that trait.) Is there a way to "score" on Nvivo for Windows 12 that doesn't involve using AI sentiment coding? 

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Hello Lauren,

If I understand you correctly what you try to achieve is to have "scores" that represents some sort of scaling instead of actual numeric scores.

If you all you need to do is to create additional nodes (codes) for your scores and code your data accordingly. For example:

1) Somewhat Negative

2) Moderately Negative 

3) Very Negative


1) Somewhat Positive

2) Moderately Positive

3) Very Positive


Hope this helps,

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