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Uncoded all files, but codes are still listed, why?

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I copied a project, and pasted everything into a new one.  I wanted to uncode everything from the previous project.  The vast majority of codes were removed when I did so, but for some reason, each file still lists 2 codes as remaining, as well as a bunch of references.  When I go to each individual file, it says there is nothing left to uncode but a bunch of highlighting from where coding had once been still remains.  How do I remove all codes so that all files are completely fresh: no highlighting, no codes, no references?  Otherwise, it will be difficult to truly discern how many codes and references each file has.

New York Media 2.nvp

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Hello Conwaypd,

I could not have a chance to look at your project.

However, the issue that you have mentioned is expected in projects where coders have saved query results since saved queries are also counted as codes.

Therefore, please go to Search>query results folder, then delete all items.

Hope this helps,

With regards, 

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