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I'm working on a project using NVivo Teams and we'd like to double code all of our interviews, meaning that we'll have two coders thematically code each interview independently. I know how to run a coding comparison query and how to review coding overlap via coding stripes, but I'm not sure how to reconcile codes (i.e., have only one set of codes at the end). We'd like to run queries and we don't want duplicate codes. Can anyone help me with this? I can't seem to figure out an easy way to reduce the double coding into one "final" agreed upon version.



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Hello CMC,

In Nvivo same project data can be coded by multiple researches. However, this process does NOT create multiple set of codes. 

You may found detailed information below:


With regards,

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I have the same issue with the codes showing up twice on extracts.

The good news, they don't show up twice in queries - at least not that I've noticed. Instead the text used for the queries is whichever reference encompasses more text. So if one person coded "I like ice cream" and the other person coded "I like ice cream, as long as its not strawberry" the query will run on the latter reference. Hope that helps.

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