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I am trying to figure out how to find coverage for an entire node for the entire project. Nvivo 12 automatically calculates coverage for a single document for a node, but I would like to see how much coverage there is throughout the entire project for an a node. For example, for the node "Concerning" there is a 12% coverage with all documents put together. Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you!


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Hi QualResearcher, you can try creating a new document in NVivo, copy and paste all text based sources (documents, text files) to the new document within NVivo, and then view the percent coverage per node for that consolidated source document.  


You can also try approximating the coverage by word count and compute the percentage coverage manually.  You can create a matrix coding query for selected nodes and all text based documents in your project. Select to show the query results’ Cell Content as Word Count and then manually calculate the percentage versus the total word count of the text based documents.


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