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Hi Everybody,

I am trying to export the specific IDs and references of the text from only the dataset in a specific node only. Please help me understand how to export it as an Excel file. I have tried everything but it only exports HTML. I don't want the references and I don't want the summaries because they do not have the IDs.

please help me.Thank you

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Hi Kavita,

If you have cases for each ID from the dataset, you can try to do this using a matrix coding query and setting the query criteria as:

Selected Items - source dataset file
Rows - The required node with your coding
Columns - Cases responding to the IDs from the dataset

For more info on matrix coding queries, refer to this link:


Hope this helps, ^NB

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How can I see the coded text of each ID because I only see a 0 or 1, for the cases coded?

Instead of 0 or 1, I want to see the words that appear for the coded text for each ID.

it is very interesting because it can be exported as HTML file with the ID and coded text as a dataset but not an Excel file with the ID and coded text of each node. Is there a way?


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