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How to extract summary of nodes, reference numbers and participant/case numbers associated with the nodes?

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Guest Israt


In NVivo, when we code, we get the reference numbers (the count of times a particular node was mentioned by the participants/respondents/cases). I used aggregated nodes so whatever I am coding in child nodes are getting summed up at the parent node. So the reference number for a node becomes greater than the actual respondent/participant/case numbers. How can I get a summary about the nodes, number of references and number of respondents/participants/cases attached to the nodes?

My project-

1. I am working on a dataset imported into NVivo using the SurveyMoneky option. I got a number of research questions in the nodes where I am coding references into new codes under each research question.


2. My survey respondents/participants are added in the case section.


3. I got 25 references in “Need for professional development” code of question 9. There are some references from same respondent/case were added to the child nodes so the aggregated reference number is 25 while the respondent/case number is actually 18 (meaning I coded references from 18 cases/respondents). How can I get a file where I will be able to show the number of references as well as case number for all the nodes tied to the questions.


Thank you so much!




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Hello Israt,

Unfortunately it is not possible to visualize both number of reference and cases together.

However, using matrix coding query, you can create two separate matrix tables. One for coding references and one for cases.

All you need to do is to put desired nodes on rows and each question on column. Once Nvivo created the matrix table you will have the option to see frequencies and switch between coding references and cases.

Hope this helps,

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