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Twitter analysis in Nvivo 12 Mac

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Dear you,

I am working on my thesis at the University of Copenhagen. In my thesis, I write about how the Turkish president conducts foreign policy through Twitter. Therefore, I would like to collect all the tweets he has come up with over the past year. I would like to do that through his Turkish and English Twitter profile.
I have installed Nvivo 12 Mac on my computer and have tried to import these tweets through Ncapture. However, I only get the option to import these tweets as a pdf file but not as a dataset. However, would like to import these tweets as a dataset and not as a pdf file.
My thesis supervisor said that I should collect the tweets that have been within the past year and see if there is anything interesting to capture in my data. It can be, for example, how many times a specific topic / concept is talked about. Or if there are any general trends / patterns in my data. And whether this can be shown in percentages.
Unfortunately, I have never worked with Nvivo but would like to do a twitter analysis with the program.
I would therefore like to ask if you could help me with that? Because I really need help with this. I have seen many videos on youtube but do not think I can use them as they work with Nvivo for windows. Or have imported tweets as a dataset instead of a pdf file.
Best regards,


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Hello Merve,

Please note that data capture capacity on Capture extension is limited with Twitter's (or any other social media source's) data policy. Below you may find the details:

The amount of data captured as a dataset by NCapture is determined by Twitter; this is because NCapture relies on Twitter's API (web connection to Twitter) to collect the data. Twitter’s API generally only provides Tweets from last 7 days.  Depending upon how much data Twitter provides to NCapture, you may also sometimes see Tweets more than 7 days old getting captured. Please note older Tweets may not be captured, even if they are visible in your timeline due to Twitter API limitation.

Hope this helps,

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