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Enable text size changes and/or zoom in source files


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In the new NVivo it still not possible to change the size of the text in a source file, or to zoom in to the text. When using a large, high resolution monitor, the text is extremely small. I have to lean in, causing ergonomic and postural problems. There is a ton of white space, so it's illogical to fix the text size in the source files. How is this something that has been overlooked? I'm on a Mac, I should be able to pinch to zoom, but now. At the very least, let me select all the text and change the size. Such a basic oversight that really needs fixing. Please don't tell me to enable accessibility options on my Mac - that is NOT a workable solution. Please address these basic elements in NVivo.

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I have the same issue working on a 5K screen. There is a lot wrong with how Nvivo handles fonts and as a bare minimum it should be possible to increase how text is displayed (Zoom) without changing the actual original font sizes.

1) I have imported transcriptions for video interviews and the default imported font sizes are too small (Helvetica 12). I can only adjust the font sizes line-by-line within individual time spans. I have several thousand timespans to work with so this makes the files extremely difficult to review and edit.

2) If I insert a new line and type text, the new typed text is a different font (Georgia, size 14)

3) If I insert a new line and paste text from another time-span, the pasted text is same font, different size (Helvetica 14)

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