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How can I find and replace text in an already-coded source document? There is a consistent typo from the transcript, and I want to replace all instances. Please don't tell me I have to go through the find results one-by-one and manually change the text? I cannot find a "find and replace" function. Is this another basic function that is missing in NVivo? Doing it in another application is not acceptable, because the source has already been coded. 

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Hi JulianYates, NVivo for Mac currently does not have a Replace feature.  You can search for the word in Edit mode (press Command+F or click on the Find function in the menu ribbon) but will have to replace the word one at a time. There is already a request for this in our feedback tool (https://nvivo.canny.io/features/p/find-and-replace-option), please add your comments and votes to this feature. I have also passed your feedback to our product team.


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