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Adding files from Zotero into NVivo without adding duplicates and without losing existing coding

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Hello - 

Last week, I imported 1000+ sources from Zotero into NVivo with PDFs for coding. I have since been going through the sources to code them. I just noticed today, though, that there are 1703 sources in my Zotero file, but only 1449 in NVivo. I'm not sure what happened to the 254 sources that are in Zotero but didn't import into NVivo. It is possible that I did something to shortcircuit the transfer, so the obvious first thig to try seems to be to re-import the RIS. But if I do that, I am worried about losing the coding I have already done. I am also not sure about whether NVivo will catch all the duplicates, since in theory 1449 or the 1703 imported records should be identical to what is already there.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alana,


You can try re-importing the RIS file in a new blank project and check if all source files are imported in NVivo. If all the sources get imported, you can then save the project and the merge your current project and your previous project so that the coding is merged and the files are imported in one project. Please see the link to merge the projects: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/12/win/v12.1.96-d3ea61/Content/projects-teamwork/import-items-from-another-nvivo-project.htm ^AK

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