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Text search not finding all results

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Hi there,

I recently added some new records to my Nvivo file. It is a large file with approx 1000 pdfs/records that have already been extensively coded. I am using Nvivo 12 (12.6.0).

I have tried running several searches for keywords using 'text query' on all 'files and externals' and I received some troubling results.

First, when I rerun previous searches instead of getting the same number plus one or two more results (to reflect any new hits in the recently added records), I am getting significantly fewer (hundreds fewer) results. In other words, Nvivo is not picking up some of the records it previously found and saved to a node.

Second, when I search for the word 'health', for example, again using 'text query' on all 'files and externals', it returns some records with the word health but not all. For example, I know of some records that have the word health in the body of their text but the record is not in the search results when I search for the word health. This record that I know contains the word health but is not appearing in the search results, has been previously coded using this search>save results as node process, so it cannot be a problem with the record. 

It's like the text search function has a bug.

I submitted a support ticket to Nvivo on Monday at 11:42am AEST (00715692) but have not received a reply (other than the auto-responder).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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