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Export case classification information for focus group participants

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I am working on a qualitative project with focus group data. Each file in my project thus contains responses from multiple participants (e.g., the file "FG1" contains responses from 4 unique participants who participated in the first focus group). I created a case for each participant, and added a number of attributes (e.g., age, gender, level of education) for each participant.

I then coded all participants' quotes to their relevant case (e.g., all of the times Annie spoke are coded to the case "Annie".)

Then, I created analytical nodes (e.g., "trauma") and coded into these nodes directly from my cases. However, when I export my analytical nodes, none of the case names or attributes appear in my coding. Instead, every quote is simply tagged with the filename it's from. For example, a quote from Annie, who spoke in Focus group 1, appears in the exported node simply as "<Files\\Focus Group Transcripts\\Transcript, FG1>". This is not helpful, since I need to know which participant is saying what.

Does anyone know how to export nodes with case names and case attributes attached to each unique quote from a focus group participant? Thank you!

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Hi RebeccaL,

NVivo reports are not able to relate the nodes to cases.  You can try the following steps to generate a document containing the intersecting references between nodes and cases/case attributes:

1. Run a matrix coding query with the nodes as rows and the cases or case attributes as columns.

2. Save the query result as a node matrix and select the Location as Node Matrices.

3. Browse the Navigation View and click on the Node Matrices folder.

4. Right-click on the saved node matrix from the List View and select Copy from the context menu.

5. On the Navigation View, right-click on the Nodes folder and then select Paste. Paste the node matrix as Node.

6. A node with child nodes will be created.  The parent node will have the same name as the Node Matrix name.  Child nodes will be created and these correspond to the cases and attributes that were selected in the query. Each node contains the intersecting coding reference for the matrix query criteria.


You can export the references by right-clicking on the node, clicking on Export > Export node, and selecting Reference View in the export options.  The Save As  field shows where the exported document is located. You can also generate a Coding Summary by Node Report and filter the report only to the nodes that you need.


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