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What's the most efficient way of analysing textual data recorded in excel

Guest Luci_2402

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Guest Luci_2402
Hi everyone,
I'm new to Nvivo and I'm still learning to figure out how to analyse textual data recorded in excel files. I've tried to import excel forms directly in Nvivo but it seems hard to code cell by cell. I can only code an entire row (maybe I didn't do it correctly). 
I'm now trying to save excel forms as tables in word documents, and then export them in pdf and finally import in Nvivo for coding. Sounds a little bit complicated so I'm wondering is there a better way to do this?
Thanks in advance
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Hello Luci_2402,

It is always the best practice to format your dataset (excel file), and collect your data accordingly.

The most common format that Nvivo easily works is to put your participant ID on row so that each row represents a participant. Then put your variables on columns for both close ended and open ended questions.

I attached a small sample file. 

Having your research data recorded in this format will allow you to benefit from Nvivo's auto-coding capability.

You may get detailed information from the below link (I know that provided link is for Nvivo 11 but it explains the feature really well and is still valid):


Auto-coding feature would do the most of the required structural coding for you. 

However for the thematic coding that you would do for open ended questions, I would suggest to utilize form display mode. Once you open the dataset in Nvivo the top right side shows to two buttons "Table" and "Form". Clicking "Form" will show you all the data that is belong to that specific participant which would ease your coding and you may skip to next participant with the right arrow button at the left bottom of the view. Please see attached picture below:


Hope this helps,



Sample dataset.xlsx

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