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I've been using NVivo for Mac (Release 1) and Collaboration Cloud with a small team of research assistants. I am the Workspace Owner and my three RAs are assigned as Collaborators.

Thus far, I've found Collaboration Cloud and its functions to be incredibly non-user friendly and very cryptic. My present issue is this: Is there a way for me to verify my collaborators additions/coding/modifications once I've merged their files to the master file? I assumed that this info would be available under the "Modified by" column when viewing file data, but the merged file seems to only reflect who created the file (not who modified it) - see attached screenshot. 




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Hi Damien,

When coding from a source, the modified/created dates for the source file will not change, however the Modified On and Modified By columns will be updated in the Codes list view to reflect the most recent change.

One option you can try is to use a Coding Comparison query to compare the coding for a particular item or items that was performed by two users or groups of users, once the query is run you can view the agreement/disagreement between users or open a source/node and view which content each user coded. See this link for information on this query, it includes a sample showing how the query results are calculated:


I hope this helps. ^NB

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