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Best way to resume transcribing after reopening a project?

Guest Helena T

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Guest Helena T

I am currently transcribing a large number of recorded interviews in NVivo R1 for Windows. I have no trouble managing the files or working with the keyboard shortcuts (F4, F8 and so on). But, when I have finished working and close the project to take up transcribing later or another day, I run into a problem. 

How do I easily start transcribing at the end of the already transcribed section in the audio file? How do I get the cursor to stay at then end of a section, so that I may restart transcribing from there? I find myself spending a lot of time just to get started, because I cannot find a way to easily start again. 

If I select the latest entry, and eg play the selected row, the entry is marked. But after playing it, the cursor moves back to the beginning of the entry. How do I get it to stay at the end, so that I can resume transcribing from there? 

Best wishes, Helena 

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