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Not the same number of codes and references

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We have something that we cannot explain and we would need to understand. We use the latest version 12 of NVIVO for Mac.

On user A computer he made encodings for some files. In list view, NVIVO indicates a certain number of used codes and a certain number of references.

We then imported this project on user B computer to make some comparisons with the encodings of user A and B.

But the number of used codes and references don't match once the project from user A was imported in user B project.

For each codes, we have one minus. For each references with have exactly half the number of references.

Can someone explain to me why we are having this ? It is not logical. And we cannot make comparisons if he are not certain of the data being good.

Is there a way to force NVIVO to recalculate it's use of codes and references ?

Thanks for the help.

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