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unable to open nodes and view codings and told "table cell capacity exceeded"

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Hi, i have started analysing my interviews (in transcript form) and every time i try open a node to view my codings under that node, it is coming up as an error, telling me ,"the table cell capacity is exceeding in coding file...please update or uncode the file". how can i fix this? i really need to see what quotes i have coded under that node for the different transcripts i have already done!!


nvivo problem.docx

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Thank you for contacting NVivo Support.

To try and resolve this issue, can you follow the steps below to turn on plain text nodes. To change this setting:

1) Launch NVivo

2) Go to the File menu -> Options

3) Tick the option ‘Display plain text for nodes with'

4) Click Apply

5) Click OK

6) Close down NVivo

7) Relaunch NVivo

If the problem persists, please rename your NVivo 12 customization folder. Note, taking this action will reset any customization you have set up and your 'My Recent Projects' list on the Welcome screen will be refreshed. If you use NVivo 9, 10 or 11 on the same PC these steps will also reset any customization you have setup in that program.


Next time you open NVivo 12, navigate to where your project is located and double-click on the project icon to open it. This action will place the project name back in the 'My Recent Projects' list.


1. With NVivo 12 closed, follow the steps below: 

                      i.        In the search box on the task bar (bottom left), start typing ‘Folder Options’ and click on File Explorer Options in the search results

                     ii.        In the new file explorer window that opens up, click on the View tab.

                    iii         In the Advanced settings section, under Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden files, folders and drives option and click OK


2. Navigate to the following folders:


C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\QSR_International  (If exists)


3. Within these folders, rename all folders where the name starts with NVivo.exe_Url (e.g rename to old NVivo.exe_Url).


Let me know if the issue persists. ^AK

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