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Word frequencies - one count per respondant

Guest Pete

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Is there any way to run a word frequency count where I count only one instance of a word for every respondent?

I have imported my data from an excel file, with one column of free text responses.  I want to count how many participants have mentioned a word (whether they mention it once or many times), rather the total number of times the word has been mentioned.


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Hello Pete,

It is possible to obtain that results you would like to have.

Let's say you would like to see how many times the word "water" has been used by your participants.

First, make a text search query for the word "water" and save your result as a node.

Then, perform a matrix query with your cases on the row and node for water is on the column. Provided matrix table will show you the frequencies of water in each respondent's content.

Hope this helps,



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