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I just started using Nvivo and I'm having some troubles with the references.

I have imported my excel sheet and started coding. However, I noticed Nvivo is coding under 1 file (e.g. Nvivo is not classifying each person separately, all data is treated as one). I tried several things but it is still in the format of: file:1 references:5. I need to see how many participants are in each node and not just how many references are in it. Does anyone have any guidance on this? All of the videos I have watched seem to have each participant separately filed but I can't seem to find a way for Nvivo to file participants defined in the ID column separately. 




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Hello MJ,

It is an expected result to see when you are working on an excel (dataset) file since all the data is actually in 1 file.

Moreover, in Nvivo participants are considered as "cases". Thus, regardless from the datasource type, you are going to need to code your participants as cases. Even if you have a seperate (lets say text/word formatted ) file for each of your participants, the correct way of identifying  "how many participants are in each node and not just how many references are in it" would not be looking into number of file(s) instead you should look into number of cases.

Having said so, all you need to do is to create a case for each of your participants while coding your data. Then you can utilize the matrix coding query in order to reach what you would like to have.

Actually, using a (correctly formatted) excel file is the easiest way of coding, since Nvivo has an amazing auto-coding feature for dataset sources which saves a significant amount of time with your overall coding.

You may want to look at below guidance ( It belongs to an earlier version but still valid):


Make sure you formatted your excel file as instructed, then auto-code while importing. After you finish your thematic coding you will be able to retrieve what you would like to achieve.

Hope this helps,

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