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Critical (network) issue with new NVivo

Guest JonasH

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I just updated to the new Nvivo from Nvivo 12. I'm experience a critical error with the software. NVivo allocates all available RAM-memory untill Windows crashes.

While the crash is due to a bug/faulty error management of the application, it seems the error is connected to my corporate firewall. The error only occurs when connected on that specific network, which uses a pretty aggressive external firewall. When starting Nvivo with other networks it works. We are still troubleshooting the issue, but as of now we can't see the firewall actually blocks anything from Nvivo. Still, as soon as the computer is connected to that network the NVivo process ("launcher") goes haywire (within a minute the RAM is maxed out at 12 gb).

When starting NVivo for the first time with the new license a window opened to show a login window to mynivo. That window was all empty/greyed out when connected through our ordinary network (and with spiking RAM allocation). I then connected through another network, and was thus able to login and activated the license. Now Nvivo starts completely but the issues remains regarding RAM allocation.

Is there anyone with insight into what could cause this?



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