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'Codes' in Dashboard is Empty and Not Displaying Sub-Folder contents

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I tried google and the help docs for this issue, but could not find any explanation for what is going on. When I select 'Codes' from the Dashboard, I still get the explainer text and then it is empty. However, I have subfolders with codes. I just want to be able to see the entire list or tree when coding certain items. Picture attached, with some things obscured for privacy.1153644129_Top-LevelCodesinDashboard.thumb.jpeg.1a4757c01521d763c56b66d384f5642a.jpeg493220087_Sub-FolderofCodes.thumb.jpeg.a9db6a95b37e20195271439a64bfa68c.jpeg

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I have this same problem. When I go to add to an existing code, the code search does not go through any of the sub-folders if a top-level folder is selected. It only searches whatever directory is selected. The only workaround I could find was to dump everything into a single folder, which completely defeats the point of having folders.

This seems to be a "feature" rather than a bug.

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