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Coding intersections NVivo 2020 Mac

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Is it possible to do a query in NVivo where I can ask the program to pull up all paragraphs across a set of ~300 documents that contain two (or more) coded (and specified) keywords? 

For example, if I've created a code for the word "women" and coded all instances of the word "women" across all my documents to that code, and done the same for "equality", I then want to find all paragraphs where both the words "women" and "equality" show up. Is there a query to do this -- to say, show me all paragraphs that have the code "women" and the code "equality" in them?

I know I can do a coding query if I "spread" the codes to the paragraph level for both of these codes, and then ask for all content coded to both "women" and "equality", but I'm coding over 300 documents for about 100 different keywords, and "spreading coding" takes a really long time. I'm hoping there is an easier way to do this. 


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Hi hannapa,

You can do a text search query and use the tilde(~) to specify the proximity between the two words being searched. You might have to assume the word distance based on your data.  See this link for more information: https://help-nv.qsrinternational.com/20/mac/Content/queries/special-characters-operators.htm

You'll need to save the query results to the Query Results folder, copy the saved result, and then Paste as Code to Codes.  This will create a new code containing the search results as coded references.  For text-based references, you can then do the following:

1. Open the code in Detail View > Reference view.

2. Highlight all coding.

3. Right-click and select Spread Coding > Custom

4. Select the "Surrounding paragraph" option.  This will show the paragraph surrounding the coded query result.


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