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I’ve seen that this has come up a few times (since 2008!) but no easy answers so far - I need to assign multiple values to an attribute for a given case.

For example in a study of Humanitarian workers (who often move around geographically and between organisations), to be able to select from a list of 10 countries of interest...or to list 3 or 4 organisations they’ve worked for.  

In old threads it seems that this can only be done by having a lot of attributes; country worked in 1, 2, 3, 4, etc or organisation 1,2,3.  Every thread has had a reply saying they’re working on it.  

Has anyone found either a new feature or a less cumbersome way of doing this?  Thanks for your help! 


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Hello Triagemokey,

By its nature, an attribute reflects a state/ the nature of a characteristic for time they have been observed. In that sense an attribute works like a snapshot. That's way Nvivo (and also other CAQDAS) designed to reflect a certain characteristic with the assigned attribute at a time.

Having said that, if it is significant for your research to reflect which countries or organisations a humanitarian worker been to, then to indicate them via utilizing attributes the only way is you follow what you have already described. It is also passible to indicate the same information with nodes. However, coding would require s similar workload.

Hope this helps,

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