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I was previously using Nvivo 12 for Mac with no performance issues, but my copy expired and I had to "upgrade" to this newer version. It really is destroying my speed. Every single time I create a code, assign a code to a snippet of text, edit a code, or do almost anything, I'm getting the beach ball icon for between 5-10 seconds. It makes it almost impossible for me to code on the fly since I'm waiting so long between clicks. Really laggy.

Any suggestions? The project I'm working in has ~300 codes, but only 20 or so MSWord documents imported into it. I'm not coding graphics or anything crazy like that. Just text content analysis. My system amply meets the system requirements (dual-core i7 3.1 GHz, 16 GB memory, very fast SSD, Big Sur). This isn't a Big Sur issue since I had the same lag problem working in High Sierra.

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