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Hi. I am a visually impaired recent buyer of N6. I have two questions and wondered if anyone out there could help. First, is there a way to increase the font size? I am spending most of my time in the node explorer mode, so this is particularly relevant, though increasing the font throughout the program would help immensely. Second, I have my Windows 2000 accessibility options set to high contrast white on black, which gives me a black background with white font. This is much easier for me to see. When I browse nodes to see which statements have been given a particular node name, the background and font both turn to white, making it impossible to view. Is there some way to stop this from happening? In particular, if there is a way to fix the background color and/or the font color, that would help a lot.


Many thanks for any help you can offer!

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Not sure about the font size issue - I have a funny feeling that this can't be changed within N6 itself. Maybe someone else on the forum will have a more definitive answer for you.


As regards the color of the browsers, there are some options for changing this in the N6 preferences. To access these, choose Project -> Preferences and there are options for Document Color and Node Color. I changed my accessibility options to match yours and played around a bit with these - I think the best option might be to turn off the 'Color the Browsers' option. Unfortunately, this only effects new windows and won't change the color of the existing browsers within your project.


Kind regards, Lyn

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