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Upgrading to Nvivo 20 from Nivivo 12, all access to linked files from Nivio 12 projects are lost! My project is destroyed!

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I was forced by the licensing of our university to update to Nvivo 20 from Nvivo 12. I have an extensive research project in Nvivo 12 with a host of linked media files and transcripts in the process of being coded and analyzed with month's spent on the project.
Now after "upgrading" to Nvivo 20 all links to imported files which due to their size were linked and live an a carefully constructed folder structure, are lost! 
The project still has its codes but the file section is empty. Strangely when accessing the codes it links me back to segments of video files and transcripts. But I cannot access them under files in order to continue inspecting and coding them.
I other words my research project is destroyed. Re-importing the media destroys all links to codes made before. 
Besides, Nvivo 20 sucks. The user interface is a space wasting exercise and restricts my work to even less useful space than before. What a terrible mess!

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Hi Thomas,

There should not be any loss of data or links when opening an NVivo 12 project in the New NVivo software.

Please make sure to expand all the folders under Files section to view your data.

Kind Regards,


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