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How do I autocoder articles on a Mac?

I want to use Nvivo to auto code several articles that I have by theme.  I assigned several sentences and paragraphs of several articles into different code categories in order to teach the system how I want to code.  I made sure to go through almost half of the articles manually to ensure that I coded enough since it seems like 10% is recommended.  Then I tried to auto code as described in the tutorial videos I watched.  However, the option to auto code is gray and I am unable to use it.  What else do I need to do?  It seems like I have done enough coding so it must be another problem.  I tried to auto code on a sample Nvivo program and I had the same problem.

Is there a difference in auto coding in Mac or Windows?  It was unclear from the tutorials I watched which system they were using, but I have not been abler to find a lot of information on auto coding specifically for Nvivo on Mac.

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Our Mac version has very limited auto-coding options for Documents as compared to our Windows version. You can auto-code based on Speakers in Documents however, other auto-coding options are not available for documents.


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