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Using NCapture to download historic social media posts

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I'm trying to use NCapture to download a dataset of every Tweet and Facebook post from a political campaign since it's creation in 2010. However, NCapture is only giving me tweets from the last year on their Twitter account, and only about 299 posts from their Facebook page. This is not enough data for me to analyse. So I've tried to use advanced search on both sites to locate older posts and expand my dataset. However, when I use advanced search on Twitter, for example to find tweets from only 2010, NCapture allows me to download a dataset - but this returns "0 Tweets captured", even though there are 10 tweets in the search result. On Facebook's advanced search, NCapture won't even allow me to download as a dataset, only a PDF download - and this PDF is completely blank. These are public pages, but NCapture only seems to work on the main homepage. In essence, NCapture gives me no option to download old posts or advanced search results on social media. Is this just the way it is, or is there any way around this? Thank you!

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I have the same question. I am trying to download post and comments from two public organisation Facebook pages but using NCapture I can only download the previous two months (ie May and June 2021). I want to capture January and February 2021. 

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