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Installing NVivo on Windows terminal server

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We have a client requesting to have NVivo installed on a Windows terminal server.  We are trying to scope out a virtual machine that could accommodate their needs.

First, I need to understand the licensing.  Since this is going to be a terminal server with potentially multiple users logging in at the same time, do we need to have license for each user connecting?  Does NVivo licensing support this terminal server model?

Secondly, the recommended system requirements suggests to have at least a 3.0 GHz quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM.  How should we size the machine in the terminal server environment?  With multiple users (potentially 20-30) using it at the same time, how much more computing resources should we allocate to accommodate the needs?  Is there a formula that we should be following based on the number of users?  What would you recommend for 20-30 users?

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Here is a link to our technical resource center https://techcenter.qsrinternational.com/desktop/welcome/toc_welcome.htm For an individual license it is per user so putting it in a VPN would not follow license guidelines. For 20-30 users they would need an enterprise license and I would recommend NVivo Collaboration Server an additional product that helps with team collaboration. I would suggest contacting your Account Director, Ann Rose at a.rose@qsrinternational.com to assist you with license options. 

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Hi Kevin, 

It is possible to install NVivo on a terminal server. You will need an enterprise license key to do this, and you will run into problems if you attempt to do this with single user license keys. 

We can’t give specific recommendations on the resources you should allocate to your machine as this largely depends on how NVivo will be used. For example, if the researchers have large projects where a lot of queries need to be run, you will want more available resources than if they’re small projects. 

Kind regards,

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Thanks for the responses!

We'll make sure that we're getting the enterprise license for this deployment.  I'm not sure if we'll need the Collaboration Server.  I can mention it to my client and let them decide.  I will reach out to Ann Rose for further support on the licensing options.

As for the system requirements, the documentation says, "3.0 GHz quad-core processor or faster, and 8 GB RAM or more."  About how many concurrent users with medium sized projects would that support?  Our client is requesting for a VM with 128GB RAM and 32 cores.  Do you think that's sufficient for 20-30 users?

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