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The project I spent all day on disappeared....does the trial program kick you out?

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I can't believe how frustrating it is to spend literally 12 hours straight working on a project, watching the tutorials, and there be a glitch in the system where I somehow can't be logged in access the file....I hope I didn't lose it.  Customer service seemed to have closed 3pm PST!

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Hello NVivo Projects are saved locally. If you can't find the folder it was saved. Try doing a search on your computer using .nvp for windows and .nvpx for Mac. 

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Hi LSG, 

The trial version of NVivo works exactly the same as the licensed one. You won’t be able to open NVivo once the trial ends unless you add a license, but all your project data will remain intact and can be opened with a licensed copy of NVivo. 

Your projects are saved to your computer, usually to your Documents folder. Please try looking here for files with a .nvpx file extension and see if you can locate and open your project file. 

If you are still having difficulty, please get in contact with us at the following link and we can assist further:

Kind regards, 

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