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Assigning Attributes to Case Classifications

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Please help. How can I assign more than one attribute value to a particular person? I've put all of my participants in the case classification and have added all of the demographic attributes for every participant. For the attribute drop-down list, I want to be able to select more than one attribute value from the list. How can I do this? The list only lets me select one value from the list and I want to select more than one.

E.g. A demographic attribute is "area of expertise". I want to be able to select "expertise A" and "expertise B", not be restricted to only selecting either A or B. How can I select both? Nvivo doesn't allow this flexibility??


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You would need to add another attribute for expertise B so that you can select both for the Case. You can't pick two values for an attribute. For example for attribute Age you can only pick one number but if I need another choice for age like when they started school. I would need to create an attribute Age Started School and add values.

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