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Explore and Visualize Your Data - Using NVivo to Tell the Story

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine how visualizing your data could enrich your research experience, creating yet another perspective from which to view your data.

  • How to explore our query, chart and modeling capabilities so you can discover visuals created from queries,
  • Create models to visualize your study or explore project items,
  • Generate charts involving nodes, sources, or attributes
  • Utilize cluster analysis to explore word and coding similarities.

Watch this video Explore and Visualize Your Data - Using NVivo

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Dear, I am trying NVivo after using some years MAXQDA. 

I use a lot maps to show the relations between items. 

I have a big problem, In the maps NVivo does not show the quantity relation between the items. 

For example it shows that in the Interview with Maria a theme appeared and in a Interview with John that theme appeared too, but not show visually the quantities of that appearance. 

In Maxqda is very simple to show with numbers in connectors or by different connector thickness the quantity of the connections between items. 

This is the most basic and a essential feature of a model?

Is there any way to make this in NVivo

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