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Identifying nodes that overlap with another node in a transcript

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Im trying to identify which of my nodes overlap with my other nodes hoping to collapse some nodes into one to avoid redundancy. 

For example, I have a node like

1. Favourite Fruits 

2. Crunchy Fruits 

and I have the word "apple" coded for both. So to avoid redundancy, I wanted to make sure how I can see those nodes.. I'm extremely new to NVivo, and was hoping to get a detailed guidance from this forum. 

I attempted to do the matrix coding, but didn't work :(


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Hi SSL, 

One of the easiest ways to identify overlapping coding would be to turn on coding stripes. Coding stripes are small bars that display to the right of the detail view to show where has been coded and to which codes. These are a good way to easily visualize where your coding overlaps. The option to turn these on can be found in the detail view toolbar. 

You can also run a matrix coding query to identify overlapping coding. When doing this you would add codes to both your rows and columns. For example, you might add “Favourite Fruits” as the row and “Crunchy Fruits” as the column. The number displayed in your results matrix would be the number of overlapping references. If this is 0 it means there is no overlapping coding. If you are still having difficulty with your matrix query, please get in contact with us at the following link. We may need to take a look at your project to advise you further:

Kind regards, 

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