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Filtering Final Codes Based on Identifying Question Responses

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Hello everyone,

This question may have already been asked, and I may be asking it in the wrong way, but my question is this: how do I filter my final coded results based on what participants responded with to a different question?  Basically, I will code all of the open-ended questions, then I want to be able to see what codes still remain depending on what respondents stated for an identifying question, such as: age, department, role, etc.  Is this possible, or do I have to manually enter every response as an identifier before I even start coding?  Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly helpful.


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Hi, I'm very unclear from the the way the question is framed, as to what specifically you are trying to do I'm afraid. I would need a lot more information to be able to respond properly.  I don't know for example:

  1. Whether you are using NVivo for Windows or MAC?
  2. What version of NVivo you are using?
  3. How you set up your project although I'm guessing you imported a questionnaire form Excel?
  4. I'm afraid I have no ide what "what codes still remain depending on what respondents stated" means. Sometimes, people refer to passages of text as 'codes' and sometimes they mean actual codes created in NVivo. And, remain from what?
  5. I think you mean demographics by "identifying question"?

Based on your question, a matrix and/or visualisation (Windows only) would allow you to cross references the demographic representation in a group or individual code/node.

It is quite likely, I have misunderstood the question; if so, please include the missing information listed above in your reply and further include more concrete examples of specifically what you are trying to do. Most questions regarding filtering are easily addressed in NVivo. 


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I am using Windows
The latest version of Nvivo, as I have an education license.
I imported a cleaned up excel file, which was a download from Survey Monkey- I have three identifying questions: time spent working remotely, age, and department.  I want to know what is the best way to setup a project so that I can code the most efficiently, then when I am done coding, I can filter my results based on what respondents stated in the identifying questions, such as once I am done coding, how do my respondent codes/themes of department X compare to department Y.  I have tried messing with attributes, but I am unsure the best course of action for this, as whenever I adjust it, it adjusts every respondent to be that attribute.  I have also tried breaking down excel files and filtering there, then entering each excel import as a separate case classification...so far the latter appears to be working, but this seems like a lot of extra work, and I am pretty sure Nvivo could do this way more easily.  This method also means I have to recode a question five different times...is this the most efficient way?

Thank you for your help!

@ Stacy, thanks for looking into this, and perhaps my response to Benmeehan might help to point this in a more focused direction.

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