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Merging MAC new Nvivo projet to PC

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Hi Annie,

Your teacher will first need to cover your .nvpx  (Mac) project to NVivo Windows (.nvp) and then merge the converted project with the project. Please see below the link for information on converting the project:


If you face any issues, please contact us via the support center: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/ ^AK

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Here is my teacher's response concerning my question with merging my New Nvivo for MAC file with PC: 
I am giving a graduate class and am facing a problem as I use the NEW NVIVO for Windows and some of my students use the NEW NVIVO for MAC. I have no problem converting my students' projects from MAC to Window so I can open them except for one case. From what I have checked, the student uses the NEW NVIVO for MAC and has the most recent updates and I cannot understand why it works for all projects but hers. I join the Report conversion error log.

Project Conversion Error Log.txt

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Hi Annie,

This seems to be a project related issue. Can you submit a support request via our support page below and send us your file for investigation? If you have already submitted a request, we will respond to you soon via email.

Kind Regards,


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