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Can't open a converted file from MAC to windows

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My thesis partner and I are in the process of coding our thesis in Nvivo. First we had to code separately and now in the final stage we should merge our two files, but here we get stuck. 

We both worked in Nvivo 1.4.1, the only difference is that she works on a MAC computer and I on a Windows. When we forwarded our files to each other, we did the following steps:

Share < copy project < convert to MAC/Windows (depending on who was sending to whom).

When I (Windows user) opened her file, I got error messages. The error message said "Conversion failed. Please check 'Project Conversion Error Log.txt' file in My Documents folder for more details. When I opened that file, all that came up was this: "Wrong version of Convert from Project! ExecuteScalar requires an open and available connection. The connection is not open".

When she opened my file, the loading icon kept loading and she could not get any further.

What do we have to do? 


Thanks in advance!



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I am having exactly the same problem.

We are working on NVivo 12 Pro.

I have moved both the master file and the file to be imported off from the cloud, and yet it still does not work.


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