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URGENT: No access to courses after confirmed purchase_Deadline starting analyses

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I purchased Nvivo and the student courses in March. Due to sickness absence I couldn't complete my e-learning so I lost my access. 

Last week (April 14th 2021) I re-purchased the module student core skills but didn't get an email about acces or activitation.

Been checking my Nvivo academy, only the expired courses are showing for 

Sent an email to qsr training. No respons.

This is becoming an urgent and annoying situation for my project timeline and analyses.

Love some help for getting access or activiation to my purchased student core Nvivo Skills! 



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Hi Stacy Penna, 

I hope your message got through. 😞

It's been 10 days. I still can't access the purchased course. This is becoming ridiculous. I really can't keep delaying this. 

Last time, when I purchased a course in March I got every necessary email and access the same day! Kinda looked like an automatic mailing system. 

Is it difficult because it's a purchase of the same course that was expired in March?!

Please, can you or the training team email me (joy.vandecauter@ugent.be) or at least refund my purchase!!!




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