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Hierarchy Chart Visualisation

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I am using Nvivo 12 Pro for Windows. I want to use colour for my Hierarchy Chart however it only creates a small tab in the top left instead of actually colouring it. I have seen examples of what I want but none of the customisation options are creating it. I have tried everything I can think of. The multicolour preset is just blue - the others work but are monocolour and I have set each node to a colour just incase. Nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hierarchy Help.png

Hierarchy Help 2.png


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Hello PTaylor, I just tried this myself. It looks like you can only have multiple colors for the hierarchy chart that shows all the the parent and child nodes. When you click on a parent node the only option is to have one color for all the child nodes. 

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Hello PTaylor,

Coloring feature in hierarchy charts allows you to compare same level members of a given hierarchy.

Thus, if you select the top level "Psychological Skills" node you are not comparing it something to any same level node and all nodes in your project belongs to that top level node that's why you will get same color.

You will get the same if you choose "Coaching and Tools" parent node and create a hierarchy chart. 

In order to get what you want just select your 2nd level parent nodes and create a hierarchy chart. 

When presenting you would not need to show a single top level node.

Hope this helps,



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Thank you both, your advise helped me create the visual I needed as I just removed the top node for this one export and put it back after. I couldn't get it to do this without removing the top node but this will do nicely. 😀


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