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If I run a Text Search query, let's say for the word "water", and I want to code automatically all of the instances of the word "water" that were found in the search into a new code called "water", is there a way to do that? I tried Ctrl+A and then Quick Code the selection into a new code called "water", BUT the code contained other words that appeared as gray context around the word "water" from the search. Is there a way to just automatically code only the term that was searched for and not to include the context surrounding it?





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Hello AmirM,

You can definitely do that!

Before running your query, please make sure you selected "exact matches"

Once you completed your text search query, you will see a "save results" button on the top right next to the "run query". 

Click that give your code a name and choose a location for it.  

Hope this helps,


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Hello again AmirM,

When you follow above steps on the word "water" will be coded withe node you created. The content is displayed in gray by default that does not mean that those words will be coded.

To check, open the node you created and select text tab and open one of the sources you will see that only "water" will be highlighted.


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