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I'm working on a project where some team members use NVivo and others MAXQDA. I tried to export my NVivo project today (as REFI-QDA project) so that other team members can try the import. The import seems only partially successful - the coding scheme and cases are imported but not the already coded references. Is there anything on my side that I should do during the export? 

Thanks a lot,


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  • HelenaB changed the title to Exporting NVivo project in MAXQDA

Hi again...

Unfortunately, after some checking on the MAXQDA side, it seems something is not working on my (NVivo) side. It appears as data is not exported when folowing the usual procedure. I've tried today importing the REFI-QDA project back in NVivo and the same thing happens as with MAXQDA import - the coding scheme is imported but not the coded references. Under "data", no files were imported. Any idea on what I am doing wrong here?




EDIT: I might have figured out what is happening. Our data is imported as a dataset (http://help-nv11.qsrinternational.com/desktop/concepts/about_dataset_sources.htm). Does this fall under the limitation for export to qdpx files?

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