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Exporting node information and case classifications

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Have imported a suite a survey data that contains various attributes (ID number, team, respondent, open ended comment). Have started coding the free text comments and now want to export the results into Excel.

Is there a way to export both the coding results and the associated case classification information together into Excel?

e.g. the export data contains rows showing:

code name, code reference, comment that was coded, ID number, team, respondent 

The first 3 fields come from the code information and the last 3 comes from the case classifications that I imported.


If this is not possible, any other workarounds people have used?



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Thanks, have used the export feature described above. 

Not sure if I'm missing something, but can you export to Excel without it being in a paginated format? i.e. just rows of data and not with headings on each page like the below:

Formatted Reports\\Export Format Page 1 of 89



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