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How to ignore "you know" in searches

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How can I add "you know" to the list of stop words, seeing as it's actually two words? I'd like to analyse the word "know" in my interview transcripts but to ignore this phrase in the results.

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Hello goatwriter,

Stop words feature considers each word separately and does not support quotation marks.

However it is still possible to make the analysis you want.

First, please go to Project Properties>General>Stop Words and remove "you" from the list.

Then make a text search query with below criteria:

"you know" ~1

Save the results a a node. (Let's name it "You know")

Then make a compound query with below criteria:

Compound Criteria>Subquery 1 >Text search


Search for: know

Finding matches: Exact

Search in: Text

In-between criteria: AND NOT

Compound Criteria>Subquery 2>coding Query


Simple>A Particular Code or Case: Select "You know"

Query Options>

Option: Create Results as A new Code or Case

Location: Nodes

Name: Know

Spread to: None

The query will provide you all the instances of know as a node, except places where "you know" is used. You can perform your desired analysis with the content of node "Know".

Hope this helps,




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Thanks for your response! In the compound query, should I have "AND NOT" selected instead of the default "NEAR Content"? I tried this and got a result, but I'm not sure how to use it.

With it not being a stop word, I can't block "you know" from a standard Word Frequency query. Or is there another way? I guess I could manually edit all the "you know"s to be "youknow", then they would show up as distinct from the other "know"s. Bit messy though.

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Hello goatwriter,


Indeed I forgot to put in-between criteria. Updated original post.

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