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Error message when trying to merge two projects

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Hi there, 

I'm working on a large project with a collaborative team. We all are working with NVivo 12.6.1 for mac computers. We have 7 different individuals who will be coding. Our plan was to have one master project where we would merge the files from each RA as they completed coding their assigned interviews. In some test runs, however, I keep getting an error message when trying to merge two files (the master copy on my computer, and a copy that my colleague has edited on her computer). I've attached a screen shot of the message. As you can see, it simply states that there was an error merging the files for an 'unknown' reason. Can anyone think of a reason this might be happening? To merge the files, I'm simply using the project option on the data tab and selecting the file I wish to import/merge. 

Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated! 

Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 4.22.01 PM.png

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Hi Bmcken17, please try to open the colleague's project file first and see if you can open it successfully.  You can also ask them to make sure these steps are followed in their project file before sending it to you for merging:

1. With an open project, click on File > Save.

2. After the save process completes, click on File > Close.  This will close the project file.

3. Wait for a few seconds to allow NVivo to finalize all changes from its temporary files to the project file (.nvpx file extension for Mac).

4. Send the project file.

You can also do a quick check by comparing the size of the project file that you have downloaded versus the size of the project in their computer (please ask them for this information).  The file sizes should be roughly the same, if not equal.  Please then check if you can open their project first before attempting to merge the project.

If you are still having problems, contact us here: https://support.qsrinternational.com/nvivo/s/


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Hi there, 

Thanks for your reply.

Yea, that's the strange part. I have no trouble opening the file and it is the right size, with all of the correct formatting etc. Something has happened with both files that I simply can't merge another document to them successfully (I just get that same error message). Is there something else that might be happening here? 

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