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Adding case classification to coding summary by code extract

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I have a project that is reviewing documents for all 50 US states. Each state is a case and each file is appropriately coded to that case. 

I have completed my coding and I now want to extract my data for quantitative analysis in excel. 

It seems like the extract "coding summary by code" extract gives me most of what I need - it gives me all of my coding, the files that were coded, and the coded text. However, I cannot figure out how to add a field that would include the case to which the file was coded. I tried adding "Intersecting Case.Classification.Name" but that field comes up blank in the extract. Any advice? 

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I'm updating with the solution I came up with, in case it helps anything!

In my file classification, I included the state name so I will use the file classification sheet and VLOOKUPs to pull in the state name. This should solve this immediate problem. 

It does make me wonder about the value of case classifications, though, if you can't use them to analyze your data outside of NVivo!

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Hi fmcgaffey, the Extracts are currently unable to relate Nodes to Cases. As a workaround, you can try the following:


1. Create a Matrix Coding query with your Nodes as rows and Cases as columns.

2. Save the results as a Node Matrix.  Make sure that you select the Node Matrix folder as your save location.

3. Copy the saved node matrix and paste to the Nodes folder.  When prompted to Paste as Node, click yes. This will create a 3-level node hierarchy with the node matrix name as the top-level node, the Node as second-level node and the nodes corresponding to the cases as child nodes.

4. Generate the Coding Summary by Code Extract, selecting the second-level and child nodes in the filter options.  The extract will show all that has been coded to the Node and also what has been coded to the case (represented as the child node).


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I've now tried this three times, and NVivo keeps hanging when I try to copy the node matrix to the nodes folder. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? 

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